Four Masters GAA

Code of Conduct

Club na gCeithre Máistir C.L.G.
Baile Dhún na nGall

Bord na nÓg Code of Conduct

• Play fairly, do your best and enjoy yourself
• Shake hands with opposing team members before and after each game, regardless of the result
• Respect your opponents
• Accept apologies from your opponents when offered
• Respect referees and match officials and accept their decisions gracefully and without argument
• Respect your team mates, giving them support and encouragement when they do well or not so well
• Be modest in victory and gracious in defeat
• Set high standards of fair play for others to follow
• Be on time for all training sessions and games
• Make sure to bring proper kit to each training session or game, e.g. football boots, socks, jersey, etc.
• Let the coach know if you are unavailable for training or matches
• Respect all club property and not throw litter around the grounds or dressing rooms
• Mobile phones should be switched off upon arrival at the pitch (or bus for away games)
• Smoking is not permitted on club property or on trips to away games
• Possession or use of alcohol, drugs or solvents is strictly prohibited
• When travelling to away games players should behave respectfully towards the bus driver and leave the bus itself neat and tidy at the end of the journey.
• Underage players should not
– Cheat
– Loose their temper
– Shout or argue with referees or match officials
– Spread rumours
– Bully or take unfair advantage of team mates or opponents
– Tell lies about adults or other children
– Fake injury
– Use bad language
– Steal or wilfully damage the club’s or other member’s property

Parents and Guardians
• Encourage your child to always play by the rules of the game
• Do not place emphasis on winning at all costs. Teach young people that honest endeavour is as important as winning
• Ensure that your children are on time for all training sessions and games and have appropriate kit with them
• Ensure that your children are collected promptly at the end of training sessions and games
• As a spectator, do not use profane language or harass referees, coaches or players
• Do not publicly question referees’ judgement and never their honesty
• Never ridicule, humiliate or shout at young players for making a mistake or losing a match
• Encourage in your child an attitude of mutual respect for team-mates and opponents
• Show respect for the playing of our national anthem
• If a parent or guardian wishes to discuss any aspect of their child’s participation in gaelic games within the club the following protocol should be followed:-
– Contentious issues should not be raised with coaches during games or training sessions.
– Coaches may be approached after training sessions or games have ended with a request to discuss a particular issue at a suitable time and place, not in the presence of players, spectators or other parents.
– Civil language must be used at all times in any interactions with coaches.
– Coaches should never be berated or abused by any parent or guardian.

• Be generous with praise when it is deserved
• Never ridicule, humiliate or shout at young players for making a mistake or losing a match
• Insist on fair and disciplined play. Do not tolerate foul play, fighting or foul language
• Encourage young players to develop basic skills and sportsmanship
• Never criticise the referee or match officials during or after a game in front of players or spectators
• Be punctual for all training sessions and games and ensure that pitches, equipment, etc are adequately prepared prior to starting times.
• Be positive during coaching sessions so that participants always leave with a sense of achievement and an increased level of self esteem
• Recognise the development needs of young players, and ensure that they are matched on an individual or team basis
• Never use any form of corporal punishment or physical force

The following sanctions may be applied for breach of the club’s code of conduct. The sanction applied will depend on the severity and/or frequency of the transgression.
• Verbal warning as to future conduct
• Temporary suspension of club membership
• Permanent barring from club membership
• Ban on attendance at club training sessions or games
• In the case of coaches:- removal from coaching activity within the club
• In the case of players:- parents may be contacted to notify them of particular breaches of the club’s code of conduct by their children
• In the case of players:- removal from a team or team squad
• Where appropriate in the case of serious incidents or where illegal activity may be involved, the Gardaí will be informed