Four Masters GAA

Weekly Notes 15th October 2018


Four Masters’ Senior Ladies team and management sincerely thank Louise Gately and Small World for generous sponsorship of crested jumpers. This presentation brought the playing season to a close and as the players completed the final game in a long series of matches they proudly displayed their new gear. It was an exhausting season with matches every Sunday from June except for two free Sundays. The focus with this group of players was to fulfill every fixture and to improve skill and fitness levels. Training twice weekly and matches on Sundays ensured that the later part of these goals was achieved. The girls showed huge commitment and when we got over a few broken nails and some  erring gumshields training went smoothly and huge effort was expended by all. We fulfilled all fixtures even at times when numbers were low and crucial players were absent. All in all, this year was a building block for next year when we hope to compete more tenaciously and move up the league ladder to a more competitive position, of which we feel we are very capable.

Huge thanks to all the girls who committed fully to a long season and always gave of their best. A special mention to the management team of Matt Shovlin, who was Mr. Percision in securing the pitch, setting up stations and keeping the hydration levels high. Also to Mary Crawford and Sharon Gillespie who not only provided tea, scones, soup on cold, wet nights and cool, refreshing ice-cream on warm summer evenings but kept the spirits up when the scoreboards were not in our favour and tended to the cramping legs and bloody noses. In conclusion, as manager, it was a positive, constructive season where huge improvements were made but most importantly friendships renewed and enthusiasm for playing Gaelic rekindled. Onwards and upwards will be the motto next year but for now we retire to the gym for winter training. Finally, thank you once again to Small World for sponsorship of jumpers which will be worn proudly for all to see.

Deirdre Dillon